P. H. Madore

Published Writing.

I began writing in 2003. Started the disproductions project in late June, 2005. Ended it in 2011.

Recently, I wrote very regularly for CCN, a leader in cryptocurrency news, and Hacked, a website devoted to computer security issues.

However, I am presently independent. I am collaborating on a lifestyle crypto type thing and two other projects I'm excited about.

In March, 2015, I appeared on the BBC World Service Newshour program for a few minutes in relation to my reporting on the Evolution scandal.

I wrote the following pieces for Bitcoinist in early 2015. After it was revealed that the editor is a very close friend of a person I detest, I felt morally obligated to quit.

The following is a more complex list of literary works from before doing cryptocurency news and web journalism.